Monday, September 9, 2013


One thing I love about moving, is the necessity to start afresh.  Since our move, I have found myself scouring through magazines and blogs for home decor inspiration for our new place.  Even though the majority of the work is already done, viewing the work of talented decorators helps me fine tune what I like/don't like without having to commit in my own home (almost like a virtual dressing room for my house). Here are some of the images I have been inspired by lately from LONNY Magazine.

What I love about this bedroom is the presence of a moving clothes rack.  I love the idea of picking a few pieces to display for both an artistic (they can be displayed as art) and functional (having unique pieces readily visible will inspire you to utilize them more often) element.
What a picturesque garden! Such an ideal place for a small dinner party during the summer.
I don't even think there needs to be a caption for this gorgeous photo.  A perfectly stocked/organized closet of shoes? Sign me up!
I love the minimalist feel to this living room. To me, this emphasizes the importance of having "good bones" in a house.  The brick wall and exposed beams really enhance the "modern lodge" vibe of the room.

How cute is this bookshelf?  It looks neat, without being off putting.  This is the best kind of bookshelf, the one that is frequently used!
Again, I am all about the addition of unique design elements to bring interest to everyday objects.  
While this room isn't technically "my style", I do love the metallic accents against the dark finish of the floor and table.  Also, the use of multiple textures (shiny metals, weathered floors, and plush pillows) creates depth and visual interest without being overwhelming.

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