Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Break

Hey guys! As I said in my last post, Step and I spent Winter Break in Utah this year.  And man, was it fun!  Here are some of my favorite memories from the trip! A special thanks to my in-laws for planning such fun activities while we were there! We love you guys!

One of the first things we did as a family was have dinner at The Roof, which is on the top floor of the Joseph Smith building in SLC.  It has an INCREDIBLE view of the SLC Temple AND the Capitol Building and I absolutely loved eating there.
My handsome, handsome, husband!
My precious niece Ellie!
How cute is my sister-in-law and her new baby?!

My gorgeous Mother-in-law!

Brittany and little Ellie!


Over our break, we got to participate in our new nephew Eli's baby blessing!  How handsome is this little guy?!

The cutest 4 year old I know!
Silly girlies!

Thanks Megan for this photo!
Grandma Betty!

Stephen's twin Daniel, and his girlfriend Jane!

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  1. Beautiful pictures on this post!! Thanks so much!! Love, love, love!!!