Thursday, November 29, 2012

State Capital with Laura!

Hello! This past weekend, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving and going to a Jazz game, Stephen and I got to hang out with Laura a 17 year-old exchange student from Galicia, Spain! Quick background info, Stephen and I met Laura at Primary Children's hospital (we were helping out his parents and she was a volunteer) and after I realized she couldn't really speak english, and that she was from Galicia,  I KNEW we had been destined to meet.  So ever since then we have been trying to align our schedules so we could take her out on the town...and FINALLY this past Saturday it worked out :) Even though she has been living here for a couple months she STILL hadn't seen downtown SLC so we got to take her to all the sights: Temple Square, the Capital, and City Creek!! We had so much fun and are hoping that she will let us take her on more adventures in the future!!

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