Monday, April 15, 2013

The End of an Era....(and other exciting things)

I have big news....HUGE news...AMAZING news....Today was my last day of class....EVER!!! (at least at BYU).  That is right, I am now officially about to graduate!! And as exciting, crazy, stressful, and wonderful these past four years have been...I am still so excited to move on with my life (as a newly married woman) and explore the great wide world!  Before doing so, however, I wanted to post a bunch of pictures from the past couple of months to catch everyone up on what has been going on! ENJOY!
Ashley's "last meal" before going into the MTC was In & Out. We got to go with Stephen & Daniel (his identical twin) and it was delicious!! So delicious, in fact, that Ashley downed TWO hamburgers (one normal and the other animal style...I am so proud :)

Literally right before Ashley headed off to the MTC we decided to drop by the Provo, Temple for some last minutes photos!  Look how pretty my sis is!

Practically twins!

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