Friday, May 17, 2013

It's All In The Details: Food and Other Fun Things at Portobello Road

Our first day in London, we had the opportunity to check out the world famous Portobello Road! It's this awesome market filled with weird vintage clothing shops and artisanal food stands.  It was such an experience! (Heads up, sorry a lot of these pictures are of food... I was clearly hungry and they were too gorgeous to resist).

Stephen with his sweet Grandma Betty!

Loved this display at True Religion
Antique Tennis Rackets! I wish I could have picked one up!
How "Americana" is this display?

This bread!

These are the most beautiful Garlic Cloves I have ever seen!

Fresh Figs! I couldn't help buying a couple! They are my weakness!

And this gorgeous meringue.  They were literally the size of my head! Luckily I snapped a picture before anyone noticed :)

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