Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paris, France Part 3 (Family, Ladurée, and Notre Dame)

OK! So here are some of the final pictures from Paris (I'm sure I will sneak a few extra in during the next few weeks).  Even though this was my second trip, I had never been to Ladurée, so obviously I had to come back and see if their Macaroons are as good as everyone says. And guess what?  They're way better! Seriously!

Ladurée! World Famous Macaroons! They are quite expensive, but totally worth it! We literally went through 8 euros worth of cookies in 3 minutes!

We were all gifted these cute scarves by Cheri and they were the perfect "match nothing but go with everything" accessory :) 

-Pretty in Pink-
One last look at Notre Dame...
How awesome is this swing?  My inner child just couldn't say no! 

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