Monday, June 24, 2013

Georgetown, DC

Hey guys! I have had such a fun start to my week! I went out to do a little grocery shopping today and when I asked Siri for directions to the nearest Target (can you tell we just moved?) I learned that there was one just 2 miles away!! I should have pre-faced this by saying we have been here three weeks and never knew we lived so close.  Anyways, I arrived at my glorious destination 5 minutes later and not only was there a Target (in the form of a 4 story building I might add) but also an Anthropologie, a Neiman Marcus Last Call, and a bunch of unique boutiques and restaurants! I had so much fun exploring (I even took Stephen back after he finished work to check it out) especially since I am in the process of decorating our little apartment and am in a constant search for fun/unique shops. Anyways...more about decorating later.  A couple weekends ago, Stephen and I ventured out to Georgetown (a quaint street of shops and restaurants in DC) on our own and had a blast!  It is seriously such a cool place to visit, and I feel so lucky that we are so close!  Here is just a glimpse of some of the things we did! Hopefully next time I will be more diligent in documenting our adventures :)

Walking to the Metro!
Pretty Flowers

If you know me, you know I love this place so I had to sneak a quick picture before we walked in :)
We ate at this fun restaurant called Mr. Smith's for lunch (c/o my Father-in-law:) It was delicious!

Our Starter
Stephen's Corned Beef Sandwich...Highly Recommended!!

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