Monday, July 22, 2013


This week, my in-laws came out to see us! It was probably the hottest week of the year, but we had so much fun exploring downtown (we just had to make sure there was air conditioning nearby ;)

The Old Post Office
This incredible hallway that was completely deserted at 6 in the afternoon.
Flowers outside of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

On Cheri's first day, we decided to go on an early morning walk from Georgetown to the National Mall.  It's only about a 3 mile walk, and under normal conditions would have been easy.  However, in the 90-100 degree heat (with a 75 degree dew point) we were drenched by the time we reached the Lincoln Monument.  At one point I think we just had to accept our fate and laugh at how crazy we looked!

This was a "halfway" point between the Korean War Memorial and the Washington Monument.  So pretty!

Crew practice on the Potomac. 

Once we reached the WWII Memorial (which is breathtaking btw).  We decided that our bodies couldn't take any more heat and grabbed a cab back to Georgetown.  Because this was still only 11am we were able to get dropped off at the famous DC Cupcakes and walk in without waiting in the normal 1hr. line.  The cupcakes were delicious (even though we had to wait about 2 hrs to eat them) and we will definitely be going back in the future! My personal favorite was the vanilla vanilla.  The frosting was just so smooth and delicous! 
This cute park is at the far left end of Georgetown and way close to DC Cupcakes

Loved this cute box!
On the left is Red Velvet, and on the right is Vanilla Vanilla. 

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  1. Love love love!!! Fantastic visit despite the heat!!! Thanks for not posting pictures of me in melted mode!!! So much fun!!!!