Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fresh Faced

I recently decided that this blog needed a serious makeover....and I spent the majority of last night playing around with its HTML, so I apologize if any of you stopped by in the middle of my little demolition.  Not too much has changed, but I did want to explain what I have added (just to make everyone's life easier).  

Social Media:
On the upper right hand side (below the blog title) there are now three social buttons by which you can follow me on: Instagram, Bloglovin', and Pinterest.  I have had these accounts for some time and figured it was high time that I linked you to them.  
Blogs I love:
Beneath the "Blog Archive", I have listed some of the blogs I frequent on a weekly basis.  I love to get inspiration from each of these sites and hope you guys will too! (I should note that I have not been asked to recommend these blogs...they are just some of my personal favorites)
RSS Feed:
I also have added a "Follow by Email" gadget which allows my readers to receive an email update (one at the MOST per day) whenever I post something.  Basically this means that you will get a little snippet of any post on this blog via your email. But not to worry, if I post more than once in a day you will still only receive the one email (I personally love this as my inbox can get pretty crowded during the day). 
I also have added a "Looking for Something?" gadget which allows you to search the content of this blog (this comes in handy if you are looking for a specific recipe, picture, etc..). 

Hope these new changes are helpful to you! And as a thank you for sticking with me, here are more photos from our SLC trip!

Park City: 
As a last hurrah before Stephen and I headed home, we went up to Park City with Mark, Cheri, Daniel and Brittany and her two girlies.  We shopped at the outlets and ate at one of the resorts! So fun!

My handsome husband :)

Stephen and Daniel

Typical EVC

Playing in the Mini-Golf Sand

Golf Trip:
I had to include some of the photos of the boys golfing on our last day in SLC.  Stephen took the camera down to Hidden Valley and documented their round.  He did so well!




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